Helped obtain a mass tort settlement for numerous clients in the high 8 figures.

8-Figure Mass Tort Settlement

Secured a mid-6-figure settlement for a client left with significant scaring on her hand. 

Mid-6-Figure Settlement for Hand Injury

Procured a confidential six-figure settlement for a side-swipe collision near El Campo, Texas. 

6-Figure Settlement in Wharton, Texas

Delivered a 6-figure verdict for a client that had a previous spinal fusion.

$113,000+ Verdict in I-30 Collision

Obtained a verdict in excess of $100,000 in a rear-end collision that occurred in Harris County, Texas. 

$108,000+ Verdict from Houston, TX wreck

Successfully negotiated a settlement of more than $475,000 for an injured driver near the Texas/Mexico border. 

$475,000+ Settlement In South Texas

Home Improvement Store Negligent Security/Instruction
Recovered on behalf of an “big box home improvement store” employee that was shot during a shoplifting event
History of crime
Supervisor instructed to intervene – client actually kept the supervisor from getting shot

$925K Non-Subscriber

Freightliner rollover
Served as Oklahoma Local Cousnel – worked case with Greg Marks and Michael Grossman
I personally settled the case in the bathroom at the mediators office because the defense lawyer didn’t jive with the other Planitff lawyers (true story – nothing dirty happened) – still friends with the Sooner Defense lawyer

$1.? Million Auto Products Liability

Defendant hydroplaned in the rain as a result of worn tires
Revision of prior spinal fusion

$1.25 Million Trucking Settlement in Dallas CountyWeathly Farmers insured with umbrella policy

Fought to obtain a $1.5 Million settlement in a trucking case where the client sustained severe soft tissue injuries. 

$1.5 Million Trucking Settlement in Dallas County